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Climate Positive Products

With our motto “sharing sustainable happiness”, we strive to curb the environmental threats of climate change and plastic pollution by introducing an exclusive innovative range of climate positive product solutions, which are made using various organic, natural, industrial waste and biodegradable materials. 

“With every drop of water you drink, every molecule of oxygen you take, you are connected to the ocean. No matter where you live”

Make Planet Happy

your impact begins today

Product categories

to reduce single-use plastics and earth polluting materials

products for people and planet

Exclusive Products

So beautifull - so elegant - just looking like a wow.
world's most sustainable and unique theme less calendar.
Most sustainable calendar
World first theme-less calendar with every month on paper made from different waste.
Pollution Soution plant therapy kit
Alternative to flower bouquet's and best gifting kit that grows to make planet happy.
Let's Start-up diary kit
Made from wooden waste and comes in a pouch saying big changes have small beginings.
My Clear FIle FOlder
It say's 'I'm not a clear bag but my intentions are very clear' Made by Recycled paper waste.

Unique Combo Sustainable Gifting kits

360º solutions to take action on plastic pollution.
world's most sustainable and unique theme less calendar.
Eco-Calendar new Year gift kit

A sooper se oopar combo of needfull stuffs best for new year gifting.

Sharing Sustainable happiness Kit

Set of 3 Plantable Notepads and an eco-pen in a beautiful cotton pouch.

Uneako paper bag
Uneako Polu all products combo kit

Set of 50 unique and eco-friendly products to become pro planet people.

Mission Life Kit to make planet happy

An amazing kit of finely heartcrafted alternatives of plastic products we use- Lifestyle for Environment.