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Eco Calendar 2024, made from 6 different waste.

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Introducing the Eco Calendar – Make Planet Happy, a revolutionary and sustainable desk calendar that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Embrace a new era of eco-conscious planning with the world’s first themeless calendar, where each month is uniquely printed on different waste sheets, making it the epitome of sustainability.

This calendar isn’t just about dates; it’s a canvas for your creativity. In the spirit of themelessness, jot down your thoughts of the month or unleash your artistic side with sketches and doodles. For those seeking a little extra inspiration, discover specially designed stickers tucked behind December. Choose a sticker and personalize any month effortlessly, catering to every level of creativity.

Crafted for a green lifestyle, the Eco Calendar comes with a distinctive two-piece stand that not only showcases your calendar but can be repurposed as a mobile stand. Easily dismantle it for on-the-go convenience, slipping it into your laptop bag.

Designed for functionality, this desk calendar features two recycled metallic binding rings, offering the flexibility to turn pages conventionally or open the binders for swift month changes. The backside board, made from compressed wooden waste, boasts two standard-sized holes for future use as a writing board. Plus, we’ve marked a special green day in each month to remind you to celebrate sustainable choices and make our planet a happier place.

Make every day count with the Eco Calendar – Make Planet Happy, where sustainability meets creativity in the most unique and meaningful way.


Meet the Eco CalendarMake Planet Happy.

  •  It’s an amazing and eco-friendly calendar that’s not like the usual ones. Not just for keeping track of time; it’s a promise to live a greener and more creative life. Changing how people see planners, it sets a new standard for being kind to the Earth.

Step into the world’s most special and eco-friendly calendar. Each month is like a little story about taking care of the environment. The Eco Calendar demonstrates our commitment to using less and helping the planet.

No Themes, Just You:

This isn’t like other calendars rather It’s the world’s first calendar without a theme. We print every month on different recycled sheets such as bhoosa, hemp, banana, cotton, waste paper, making each month a blank page. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and special.

Your Space to Shine:

This special calendar wants you to be the artist thus you can use the space to write your thoughts, draw, or doodle. The Eco Calendar lets you add your own creativity to every month.

Stickers for Everyone:

If in case you’re not feeling very creative, that’s okay! with this in mind We’ve hidden specially made stickers behind December. Just pick a sticker and add it to any month you like.

Versatile Stand for You:

The Eco Calendar comes with a stand that’s more than just support. It’s a beautiful stand for your desk and can even hold your phone further take it apart and put it in your laptop bag for work on the go.

Smart Design for You:

We design this calendar with a user-centric approach. It has recycled rings also a backboard made from compressed wood waste.  Not just a calendar  it can be a writing board later on.

Green Days Every Month:

We’ve marked a special green day in each month in addition it’s a reminder to be happy about the good choices you make for the planet.

The Eco Calendar – Make Planet Happy isn’t just a timekeeper rather it’s a party for being kind to the Earth, being creative, and making choices that matter. Change the way you see time and make every day count for a better, greener tomorrow.


Eco calendar, Make planet happy Unique features.


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Dimensions 15 × 10 cm


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