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Minimize your carbon footprints with Uneako climate positive products.

Big change beginning Diary Kit(with pen)

Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹490.00.

The exclusive kit can be the perfect partner to share your valuable ideas with. This consists of 1 wooden waste diary of 160 pages which is 100% eco friendly with a distinguished charm of its own. This comes with a eco plantable pen, great for all purposes, collectively contained in a natural jute pouch..


Hi! Did you know your ideas and plans are brilliant? I do! So don’t lose them in your head— write them down in my 160 pages.

My specialties are:

1) Attractive Aesthetic Appeal:

I have three types of inspiring laser engraved designs on my covers. Choose the one which relates the most with you!

2) Flexible Dates:

Instead of having prewritten dates on my pages, I let you attach your own dates to my pages so that no pages are wasted.

3) Environmental-Focus

My 22.5 x 14.4 cm cover is durable, but instead of plastic, it is made of compressed wooden waste. Also, I come in a reusable trendy jute pouch, which would gain you quite a fan following!

4) Go Green:

Grow plants while you grow ideas in my pages. I come along with an earth-friendly pen with 95% reduced plastic content. Grow the seeds at the end of the pen before you start using the pen.


5) A perfect gift:

I will sound as a perfect gifting option for your colleagues, friends, relatives. You are in way to impact some lives, so Go ahead.

Made with recyclable material, I am ready to help you pen down your feelings.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 22.2 × 14 cm


  1. Lavanya

    It is perfect…but when I wanted to place order for it , it was OUT OF STOCK..?

  2. uneako

    It will be shortly Updated, sorry for the inconvenience caused because of covid19 related issues.

  3. Akphan Behera

    A perfect gift for your loved ones! You don’t just purchase a product but also, protect the enviornment indirectly!

  4. Esha

    It was such great Eco-Friendly gifting option. I personally bought it and gifted to my sister working in an office. Thanks uneako for such great gifting option. That too eco-friendly.

  5. Parveen

    I bought this for my daughter’s birthday and she loved it. She was fascinated to see the wooden Cup warm and the customised design on it and the best part is that it is made up of recycled paper and comes with a plantable pen also.
    This gift just made her day!!

  6. Kuldeep Rawat

    Excellent product.

  7. Anant

    Just love this product .


    I bought this 4 days ago delivery of their product is very very fast

  9. Parth


  10. Parth

    Excellent product ?

  11. Riddesh

    Good product

  12. Riddesh

    Good product

  13. Taha taxiwala

    Creative and loving product

  14. Chitra

    Excellent product

  15. Nirali Patidar

    Fantastic product.

  16. Sakina Nazmi

    The products are great.

  17. Sakina Nazmi

    Such amazing products.

  18. saksham


  19. Saksham bhat


  20. Gopesh Sharma

    After daily use I found it very useful, and it’s too good to use

  21. Indra


  22. Meena patidar

    This product is perfect for someone who has habit of writing down things. Loved it

  23. Arjun

    Extremely good and aesthetic concept. A step closer to save environment.

  24. Sania Gill

    Really uneak idea! Amazing product

  25. Rashim Kochhar

    V unique idea with aesthetically pleasing look. It is a great eco-friendly product.

  26. Ishita Haria

    Very unique and great product?

  27. Ishita Haria

    Very unique and great product? loved the design

  28. Kashish Shah

    Amazing product with good material and quality.

  29. Sneha

    Unique design and good quality product!

  30. Divyesh Dhanani

    Such great sustainable products which are really usefully… very unique products?

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