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Who we are

Uneako is an amalgamation of “Unique” and “Eco”, meaning that we provide eco-friendly and sustainable products in a never seen before avatar. 

With our motto “Sharing Sustainable Happiness” we strive to create an aura of cautiousness for the problems of environmental destruction and climate change. Our product solutions consist of sustainable office utility and gifting products that are carbon positive. They can be used by the corporates and other organizations to reduce their carbon footprints. Our products are made using various organic and biodegradable wastes like stationary from paper waste, air purifier from activated charcoal of bamboo, product from wooden waste, jute pouches and many more. Alongside we are also trying to support the marginalised communities of our society by employing them to make the products.


What We do

Support to reduce your Carbon Footprint
Material selection

We select different materials including waste, biodegradable, natural, organic, industrial discards, algae, etc and use them for product solutions that we create for you in our Uneako Bio-Future lab.

Build Products

We build product solutions in never been seen before avatars by using sustainable materials based on the need to replace plastic and other material that harms the planet.


We support marginalised communities by employing their skill sets in the production and value addition of our products, ultimately supporting them economically and socially.


We understand your requirements and let you customise our climate positive products, however you wish.


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Minds We Have

A Strong Team Can Take Any Crazy Vision And Turn It Into Reality
Ankit Tripathi


Atul Tripathi


Surangana Goswami

Head of Management & Operation

Vivek Kumar

Business Development


Healing Earth with our Responsible Buyers
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What We Build

We Build Climate Positive Hope (Not Just A Product)


All of our products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and carbon positive. They do not use harmful substances and after use, can be repurposed to provide for a sustainable future. By using each of our products, you contribute to reducing plastic waste globally.



All products blend unique product design with the company vision of sustainability to create truly innovative products that provide you with more than just its intended use.


minimalist design

All Uneako products are based on a minimalist design and incorporate stylish and compact elements that provide for an attractive design. Designs are structured around the principle of saving the planet


Responsibly Made

All products are made by members of marginalised communities. Therefore, the use of every product is not just environmentally responsible but socially responsible as well. 


Per Month


Per Month


What we bring

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Per Month

“To Encourage & Engage people in positive sharing of Ideas & product solutions with habit & Hope for a better future.”.
-Vaigyanik Atul
“By connecting waste & wellbeing, as waste prevention leads to an increase in quality of life & Planet.”
“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors— we borrow it from our children.”
-Chief Seattle
“Happiness that contributes to individual and global well being for all without exploiting other speices, plants, Environment and future generations.”
“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
-John Muir


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Sustainable Products

All products are biodegradable and eco-friendly and thus, do not harm the environment in any way.

Zero Waste Packaging

The product reaches you in eco-friendly packaging that can be re-used as another item for the future.

Climate Positive

Products can be re-purposed after use to help enhance the environment and thus, not only reduce plastic usage but provide a viable solution to it.

User-Centric Design

All products are built around impacting its user. Product design and packaging are both carefully constructed to maximise usage and minimize environmental damage.


We do not compromise on the quality of products when producing it sustainably. Each constituent material is used innovatively to bring you a final solution that is of a high quality and essence.

Marginalised Communities

The production of every Uneako product lies at the hands of members of marginalised communities whose livelihoods are supported by the products sold.


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

A Unique and Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Sustainable Seminars

Your livelihood is crucial. Your job is important. You would not neglect your occupation. Your environment is important. But in our hectic work schedules to sustain our livelihood we end up neglecting one more crucial aspect of our lives - our climate. We rely on detrimental plastic-based products too heavily even now despite mother nature depicting her dissatisfaction in the various climate catastrophes happening all over the world. Our offices are a hub of plastic products, from our pens and notebooks all the way to our folders and even our ID cards. All of these have a drastic impact in contributing to climate change by increasing our carbon footprint as well as the waste generated due to the short-life of plastic used to manufacture these products.

Combat your Company’s Catastrophic Carbon Footprint

Its the year 2020, and your schedule is packed with weekly conferences and daily meetings. Life’s busy, hectic. But life’s good. But what if I were to start like this. It’s the year 2020. There are regular, sometimes even daily reminders of the drastic effects of climate change in our surroundings, as well as in the climate catastrophes taking place around the world. And due to our hectic daily schedules, we end up neglecting and looking over our daily habits that continue to significantly impact the environment even more. Our conferences and meetings are one of the very places our negligent reliance on plastic products like our folders and even our ID cards end up doing serious damage.

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We Are In A Business To Make Our Planet Happy
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We strive to focus people's attention on environmental issues and aim to catalyse change, not tomorrow, but today and beginning now.

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