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Minimize your carbon footprints with Uneako climate positive products.

Pollution Solution 10 variety seeds gift Box (Pack of 2)

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Pollution Solution Box: “Get  seeds of change to bring the change”. Make planting more fun and easier with Uneako new “POLLUTION SOLUTION” . It comes with 10 water soluble capsules altogether and makes planting at home trouble-free and more enjoyable. So, help the work by spreading the joy of sharing sustainable happiness.


Introducing the Pollution Solution Box by Uneako – a revolutionary step towards making a positive impact on our environment. This eco-friendly box offers an unparalleled gardening experience with 10 carefully curated unique water soluble plant capsules as each designed to make home gardening a seamless joy.

Join our movement to cultivate sustainable happiness by nurturing your own plants in your garden or planters. The diverse seeds, thoughtfully selected from the National Seed Corporation of India, not only provide a myriad of options but also remain viable for over a year.

But the Pollution Solution Box is more than just a gardening kit;

it stands as a thoughtful alternative to traditional flower bouquets. Traditional bouquets, with their fleeting plastic beauty, often costing between 500-1000 INR, lead to visible losses. Our solution? Gift a set of 10 different seasonal plants in seed form, elegantly packaged in transparent, water-soluble, vegetable-based capsules. Follow the simple planting instructions provided on the thank-you card included in the box for a stress-free gardening experience.

Designed for ease, lightweight, and portability, the box is crafted responsibly, ensuring an environmentally conscious choice. Embrace the innovative concept of “packaging as a product” with the Pollution Solution Box. After removing the capsule tray, transform the box into a small photo frame thus offering versatility and a second life. Use it as a storage box, and when it outlives its purpose, dispose of it knowing it will decompose naturally.

Consider the global environmental impact of events and conferences, generating millions of tons of single-use plastic waste. This waste contributes to phenomena the such as Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Our eco-friendly alternatives aim to combat plastic waste and emissions, presenting a sustainable choice for a cleaner, greener planet.

Unlike gifting planters and plants, the Pollution Solution Box is easy to carry, making it suitable for flights. Users have the flexibility to plant the seeds wherever they desire, adding a touch of greenery in a creative and beautifully designed sustainable package.

Moreover, the unique advantage lies in gifting seeds over plants, as seeds last longer, ensuring sustained joy and growth. The high-quality seeds used in the Pollution Solution Box result in astounding plant growth, adding a vibrant touch to any environment. Make a difference today by choosing a gift that not only lasts but also contributes to a more sustainable and beautiful world.

Pollution Solution Box


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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 11 × 2.5 cm


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