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Naad Natural bamboo speaker, a chemical free gift to relax and happy.

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Introducing Naad Bamboo speaker, the natural acoustic amplifier inspired by the enchanting sounds of Indian classical music. Naad captures the essence of music vibrations, transforming your phone into a robust sound system. Crafted from bamboo, a grass that grows abundantly, Naad is more than a speaker – it’s a commitment to green living without the need for electricity. Powered by bamboo’s natural resonance, this eco-friendly marvel ensures a pure, amplified sound with a simple yet stable design, making it a universal fit for any smartphone. Naad is not only environmentally solid but also handcrafted to perfection, 100% chemical-free, and polished with natural badam oil for a unique, stylish finish. Experience the authentic melody as you place your mobile inside, knowing that Naad is a sustainable choice, crafted from one of the planet’s most abundant resources. With easy maintenance and no need for batteries or wires, Naad is not just a speaker – it’s a harmonious blend of nature and technology, reflecting your commitment to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.


Meet Naad, your natural bamboo speaker inspired by Indian classical music. Naad captures the essence of music vibrations along with  turning your phone into a powerful music player. Here’s why it’s perfect for you:

🌿 Green and eco friendly:

Naad isn’t just a speaker rather it’s nature-friendly. Made from bamboo, a grass that grows more when cut, it’s the green choice that doesn’t need electricity. Simple design thus stable sound .

🎶 Pure Sound, No Power:

Powered by bamboo’s natural resonance qualities, Naad also amplifies your phone’s sound without any need for electricity. A simple yet stable design ensures high-quality sound thus making it an ideal dock for your device.

📱 Fits All Phones:

Whether you have the latest or an older phone, Naad fits them all. A universal bamboo speaker that’s a perfect gift moreover with no compatibility worries.

🌍 Solid and Eco-Friendly:

Naad, a solid bamboo piece, enhances your music without Bluetooth or batteries. It’s just pure, amplified sound.

Handcrafted and Chemical-Free:

Naad is 100% chemical-free. Heart Crafted by hand and machines, each piece is polished with natural badam oil for a unique finish.

🎵 Enjoy Your Music:

Put your phone in and then let bamboo amplify your music naturally. Color and sizes may vary due to the beauty of natural bamboo.

🌱 Sustainable:

Bamboo, abundant on our planet, makes Naad eco-friendly. It’s durable, biodegradable, and recyclable – a choice that feels good. Bamboo is one of the planet’s most abundant resources, making it environmental friendliness. Durable, biodegradable, and recyclable – it’s a choice you can feel good about.

🧽 Easy to Clean:

Wipe with a dry cloth and let Naad air-dry. It’s that simple to maintain its new look.

Experience nature and tech harmony with Naad  – not just a sound booster but a commitment to a greener lifestyle. one of the best gift for corporate gifting by customising it with your brand thought and show your commitment to #makeplanethappy.

Naad Bamboo Speaker



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