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Minimize your carbon footprints with Uneako climate positive products.

Plantable Pen (Pack of 10)

Original price was: ₹465.00.Current price is: ₹190.00.

Let’s write a sustainable and safe future of our planet with this set of 10mightier  plantable pens. Made with 100 % recycled paper, its eco-friendly design combines high performance with low (75% lesser) plastic! Every pen contains seed of change, allowing you to take up the noble act of growing and caring of a plant. Also every pen has a fine tip assuring your elegant writing.

Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 11 × 2.5 cm


  1. Akphan Behera

    Very innovative and definitely a great product! It isn’t just sustainable but also equally useful and worth for the price!

  2. Dimple

    These pens fascinate me from childhood as I am a stationery lover. If I could help a little towards climate change,, it would be great, thank you uneako.

  3. Sanchi singhal

    I have used this pencil many times and the seed on the top of it are very precious for me to grow various plants in my garden. So i advice others for the same and also sown the seed specially for better green future.

  4. Ronit Sharma

    Such wonderful product i Personally recommend it. Great Uneako.

  5. Ronit Sharma

    Such wonderful product i Personally recommend it. Great Uneako.Thanks

  6. Bhumi

    Great thought And really nice pencil to write with❤️

  7. Riya Mariam Varghese

    Amazing pens! The quality is great and I also get to plant the seeds in my mom’s garden 🙂

  8. Hritik Gera

    A very innovative product. Reduces waste by replacing the traditional ball pen and can be “planted” to grow a tree after use.

  9. Mayank Sharma

    It’s a great innovation and i really liked the product

  10. Hrishita

    Great innovation.
    Amazing product for environment and sustainability.

  11. Ekta Parmar

    It’s such an innovative and eco-friendly product.I really liked this product of uneako.

  12. Kedar Ayare

    I like the idea of a pen that I can plant once it runs out of ink. Nice work. Keep going.

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