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We are Working on Dual Impact

Environmental + Social Impact

brand story

Pollution and poverty— these two were the biggest takeaways that impacted the younger founder Ankit. With his brother Atul, Ankit found the solution in Uneako— a brand which provides quality earthfriendly products produced by the marginalised section. These products are climate-positive, biodegradable and provide economic opportunities to those in need.

Each Uneako product has three key characteristics— quality, innovation and sustainability. The superior quality of every Uneako product ensures that people do not have to sacrifice comfort by buying green.

Uneako’s constant innovation makes sure that the Uneako family always has access to improved and diverse range of products. And all its products have elements which encourage the user to take easy but conscious steps to lead a more earth-friendly life.

Young brother's on mission to make planet happy

There used to be a giant heap of garbage a few Kilometre from our home, piling up and rising every single day. Burning issues of rising climate change and the threatening problem of single use plastic, everything collectively gave us a strong push to think about a way to save our environment.

 I, Ankit Tripathi discussed about the same with my brother Mr Atul Tripathi who was working as a design thinker, back then. Both of us are poles apart in our respective approaches but the feeling of empathy binds us together. We together envisioned the concept of UNEAKO, where we decided to come up with unique alternatives for plastic to maintain the sustainability of our environment in the long term.

Uneako, now in full swing, is a movement to create environmental awareness. Through our range of eco friendly, non-plastic, climate positive products, we are trying to encourage people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. All the products are manufactured from completely natural recyclable wastes and organic materials.

Gradually , with an innate desire to do something good for the marginalized communities of our society, we started extending support to the marginalized and neglected communities of our society  by employing their skill sets in the production and value addition of our products. Uneako has emerged as a full package of holistic social welfare— impacting everyone around it in a positive and sustainable manner.

Our mascot - POLU

Polu, the polar bear, Uneako's brand mascot, symbolises the urgency for the change to a sustainable lifestyle. Climate change on track to wipe out polar bears by 2100

For if our lifestyle remains the same, Polu’s family would be the first to disappear forever due to climate change. Well, very soon, their families would be hit the hardest. In a world rapidly going downhill, we hope you join the Uneako family to share sustainable happiness and create a bright new future— for all life on earth. we love polu and save them.

Climate change on track to wipe out polar bears by 2100
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A Strong Team Can Take Any Crazy Vision And Turn It Into Reality

Problem Solutionaries

Young ignited minds, with empathy in heart and creativity in brain working on a zest to make planet and people happy.

Experienced Team

All are gems of their own trade, have thirst for delivering and doing tasks on time to make Uneako a global sustainable products brand.

Continuous Innovation

We believe in innovation and observation, our team continuously workt to find out nature based solutions to existing problems.

Our team is comprised of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and fields of expertise. We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture and believe that a mix of outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives is essential to achieving our mission of accelerating the transition to a circular economy. We recognise that everyone has unique talents and experiences, and we positively encourage individual development to ensure that each member of our team can contribute to the best of their ability. We promote equal opportunities in employment, providing a working environment that is free from discrimination. We strive to attract and retain a diverse workforce and provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background or identity, creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.

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Heart crafted by marginalised communities