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Minimize your carbon footprints with Uneako climate positive products.

Ek Jute Plantable zero plastic kit.

Original price was: ₹400.00.Current price is: ₹350.00.

United we stand, the climate change falls. Let’s fight the environmental crisis in conjunction with this EK JUTE plantable kit consisting of a beautiful plantable notebook of 60 pages made with hand crafted natural paper, a START WRITE NOW box consisting of wondrous 5 eco plantable pens and 5 coloured pencils with an added newspaper pencil.


Hi, I’m the Ek Jute Plantable Kit! Let’s unite against climate change using my ‘Start Write Now’ box and ‘Be Leaf Er’ notepad. 

My specialties are:

1)Superior Quality:

Add extra elegance to your writing with my high quality paper, 5 durable pencils and 5 fine-tipped pens.

2)Ek Jute Plantable Kit:

I don’t believe in plastic! My Be Leaf Er notepad contains 60 pages made out of recycled paper. The pencils are made of newspaper and pens made of 95% reduced plastic content.

3) Grow Your Garden:

Plant a variety of seeds located at the tips of my pens and pencils. Even the notepad cover is embedded with seeds which can be planted to add a cooling touch of green to the Earth.

4) Reusable Packaging:

Impress your friends by repurposing the fancy jute pouch and add them to ‘our jute’ against climate change! Become a star on your earth and develop an approach towards eco-friendly environment.

5) A super combo pack:

A fully equipped pack which will facilitate you to become a planet supporter and fulfill your multiple needs.

Hey! I am ready to serve you and support mother earth. Are you willing?

Additional information

Weight 225 g
Dimensions 26 × 16.5 cm


  1. Yashi Sen

    I loved this kit, extremely useful!

  2. Parul Agarwal

    This kit is made of jute which is also sustainable and reusable as well in compared to plastic ones which are non-eco-friendly. The materials inside it are also good. I have used them personally and advice others for the same.

  3. Satyam Dash

    A great product. A worthy replacement for other purifiers. A great initiative to save planet.

  4. Shristi yadav

    UNEAKO product is amazing. UNEAKO product is affordable and sustainable in planet.

  5. Dhruv Rautela

    Good product must use once?

  6. Ekta Shroff

    Great product. Eco friendly as well as useful?

  7. Heta Patel

    Product is good. It is eco friendly. Like the packaging

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