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Minimize your carbon footprints with Uneako climate positive products.

Ek Jute Handbag, 10kg capacity.

Original price was: ₹240.00.Current price is: ₹180.00.

Adorn your regular lifestyle with an impressive sustainable statement with this high quality premium hand bag made of natural jute, which is free of any plastic and lamination There is  attached black thick round and soft handles, perfect bag to put your brand kit inside.


My specialities are :

1)PLASTIC FREE – I am made of high quality premium natural jute. Also, I am free from any plastic or lamination.

2) FUNCTIONALITY – You can adorn your regular lifestyle with me. I am an impressive sustainable one stop solution to help you carry all your stuff with ease.

3) STYLISH- stylish and comfy to be carried due to the presence of my black, thick, round and soft handles.

Ek jute handbag is not just unique due to its functionality, but also due to its concept of being plastic free which can help each one of us to save our Planet Earth.

Would you like to do your bit to Save Earth by buying the Ek jute handbag ?

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 40.5 × 33 × 11 cm


  1. Raman

    Eco friendly , lovely product
    UNEKO idea is really good

  2. Kashish Goel

    Amazing product. Eco friendly and comfortable to use.

  3. Parul Lochav

    It is the best product eco friendly product which is used in our daily life. Uneako comes with a great idea !

  4. Hritik Gera

    Sturdy construction, Reusable. Another amazing product from Uneako

  5. Richa

    Amazing product

  6. Dhwani patel

    Amazing eco friendly hand bag ??

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