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Fewture Calling Series Marble Notepads

(5 customer reviews)


A sustainable future is calling for your help. Are you willing?

This exclusive series of FEWTURE CALLING MARBLE NOTEPADS, dedicated to endangered life forms,  contains 3 distinctive handmade marble printed notepads representing – Ocean, Forest & Glaciers with the endangered species along with an eco pen and contained in a natural cotton jute pouch.

Future is yours. Come forward to save it.


Greetings! I’m the Fewture kit. 

I contain two notepads designed to pay an ode to beautiful, but endangered, species like the elephant, polar bear and turtle.

My specialities are:

1) Uniquely Designed Notepads: My notepad covers depict an endangered animal made with handmade line art, set against a painted background denoting its rapidly disappearing habitat. The printing process makes every painted design different, ensuring that every notepad you hold in your hands is unique.

2) High Quality Paper: Each notepad contains 60 pages made of a special recycled paper called ‘lucky paper’. The paper’s quality finish ensures your writing experience is extremely smooth.

3) Durable Packaging: The kit comes in a durable canvas bag together with an extra pocket containing a 95% reduced plastic, fine-tipped pen.

4) Easy to write: I am easy to write on, as I am bagged by a hard cover. I am easy to be carried by you adn make notes whenever required. Reduce load in your brain and use me.

5) Adorable: My cover will definitely appeal you and people around you. It gives you real touch of a marble.


We need to embrace the power of youth to save our wildlife.

Earth has lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 year

Earth has 100,000 elephants remaining population decline 60% in last 12 years

10,000 Remaining leathers back turtle, population decline 95% in last 20 years.

Polar bear populations worldwide will decline by more than 70% percent in the next 45 years.

I am all set to jot down your notes. So when are you inviting me!


Climate Positive 95%
Zero waste packaging 100%
social impact 80%
waste material used 68%

5 reviews for Fewture Calling Series Marble Notepads

  1. Yashika Bharti

    These notepads are amazing. The best part is the unique design. I loved the blue one. It came in an equally superb jute pouch. I loved the idea of plantable pens.

  2. Choppara Srujana

    These notepads are wonderful. Their design and quality is great. I liked the green one with elephant design. Worth the money.

  3. Sarthak Chawla

    Amazing products by UNEAKO.They are environment friendly & good quality products.Great Initiative!!

  4. Sarabpreet singh

    Certainly a commodity worth every penny spent. representing incredible ideas. The ocean one was my favorite. Putting it in a jute bag makes it more appealing to purchase.

  5. Shruti Daliya

    Super Amazing product by Uneako.Totally worth it absolutely loved it.

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