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Colourfully Green Pencil Box


Time to glorify your ideas with hues of your creativity and the COLOURFULLY GREEN PENCIL BOX which comes with 10 full length coloured pencils with 10 different seed varieties and different vibrant colours. Made with natural paper waste and dyed with natural colours, these are absolutely  safe for your little ones.

Hi, I’m Colourfully Green Box. Thanks for choosing me. I contain ten special eco-friendly color pencils meant just for you. Come, let’s colour our (e)art(h) green!

My Specialities are:

1) Superior Strength:

I won’t break… my promise! My newspaper-bound pencils are specially designed to be mechanically stronger than regular pencils.

2) Non-toxic colours:

My pencils are designed with natural food colouring. I’m safe for kids and adults alike.

3) Zero-waste packaging:

My packaging is a unique combination of paper recycling by products, cardboard and agricultural waste. The resulting sturdiness and biodegradability makes it ideal for repurposing.

4) Go green:

Buy ten colours, get ten plants free! My pencils contain seeds of ten house plants which you can easily sow and grow. Let’s add more greenery, both on paper and planet.

Listen, I am ready to fill happy colors in your life. Are you ready to make Our planet greener and happy?

4 reviews for Colourfully Green Pencil Box

  1. Kanchan

    It’s a good product. We can grow small plants as well from these pencils and can use it as well. It’s really a great consideration of Uneako.

  2. Priya

    An amazing eco-friendly sustainable product which not only helps to pen down our ideas but at the same time helps us connect with nature. A very innovative idea by Uneako!

  3. Tanvi Chaudhary

    It is a really good product as it is environment friendly . Also, the vibrant colors makes it vert attractive and the seeds can be further sown and grown into beautiful plants.

  4. Hemali

    An amazing product for the Art lover and along with it who is a nature lover too! By this you can create different colourful art pieces and also plant them in to a pot after using it! Loved It! Try once! ♥️

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