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  • Pollution Solution Box


    Pollution Solution Box: “Get a seed of change to bring the change”. Make planting more fun and easier with Uneako’s new “POLLUTION SOLUTION” . It comes with 10 pills altogether and makes planting at home trouble-free and more enjoyable. So, help the work by spreadind the joy of sharing sustainable happiness.

  • Cork Honour Farmaan


    Reintroducing the royal tradition in a brand new sustainable style. The imperial Cork Honour Farmaan of 36*27 cm dimensions, can be a noble and traditional honour or an eminent award containing the message written on the cork hangable stroll that comes in an amazing recyclable packaging.


  • Conference Kit combo


    We appreciate and care for your ‘zero waste’ sustainable goal and to support the same, there is this exclusive Conference Kit Combo, comprising 1 My clear file folder, 1 ID Card made of recyclable materials, 1 Plantable eco conference pad and 195%Eco pen.

  • Spline File Folder Brown (pack of 3)


    An ideal climate positive alternative for the plastic file folders, taking care of the sustainable office utility  goal of your brand. This file folder of 30*22 cm dimensions comes with a unique impacting message and also has a spline to hold a good number of pages.

  • Eco Conference Id Card (Pack of 50)


    One of the most ideal solutions for turning your events and conferences eco friendly and sustainable. Comes in a set of 50, these plastic free ID Cards are utterly eco friendly, attractive and economical. Also contains a biodegradable natural lanyard with recycled steel fittings.


  • Eco Certificate(Pack of 50)


    Your practices speak for your brand. Make your brand standout as a more responsible one using this responsibly made climate positive innovation of the set of eco certificates containing  50 High GSM custom printable Kraft paper certificates.