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  • Natural Bamboo Speaker


    Bamboo is among the most abundant natural resources on the planet, therefore, Naad is as environmentally friendly as it gets. It’s constructed of a solid piece of bamboo and keeps your phone in place while playing music to boost the volume. An eco-friendly item with style and comfort: can be used with any phone, no Bluetooth, no wire, and no battery. It is durable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

  • Big change beginning Diary Kit


    The exclusive kit can be the perfect partner to share your valuable ideas with. This consists of 1 wooden waste diary of 160 pages which is 100% eco friendly with a distinguished charm of its own. This comes with a eco plantable pen, great for all purposes, collectively contained in a natural jute pouch..

  • Ek Jute Plantable Kit


    United we stand, the climate change falls. Let’s fight the environmental crisis in conjunction with this EK JUTE plantable kit consisting of a beautiful plantable notebook of 60 pages made with hand crafted natural paper, a START WRITE NOW box consisting of wondrous 5 eco plantable pens and 5 coloured pencils with an added newspaper pencil.

  • Colourfully Green Pencil Box


    Time to glorify your ideas with hues of your creativity and the COLOURFULLY GREEN PENCIL BOX which comes with 10 full length coloured pencils with 10 different seed varieties and different vibrant colours. Made with natural paper waste and dyed with natural colours, these are absolutely  safe for your little ones.

  • Fewture Calling Series Marble Notepads


    A sustainable future is calling for your help. Are you willing?

    This exclusive series of FEWTURE CALLING MARBLE NOTEPADS, dedicated to endangered life forms,  contains 3 distinctive handmade marble printed notepads representing – Ocean, Forest & Glaciers with the endangered species along with an eco pen and contained in a natural cotton jute pouch.

    Future is yours. Come forward to save it.


  • Clear File Folder Brown (pack of 3)


    “I am not a Clear Bag but my intentions are very clear”. Now it’s your turn to be clear about your goal of  sustainability and make the wise choice. This intricately designed file folder with Tich Button and visiting card slot can be the perfect alternative to replace the plastic file folders.

  • Start Write Now Box


    Buy a box of wonderful pens and pencils, get a garden of plants free. A wondrous gifting option, or an ideal office utility set, this box contains 5 plantable seed pencils, 5 plantable pens with 95 % reduced plastic and a newspaper pencil. Also everything is contained in a recyclable round box packaging.

  • Be The Changemaker Utility Pouch


    Change begins with oneself  and its you who can start the change. Prioritize your sustainability goals because we have the perfect solution to take care of your utility.

    Choose this BE THE CHANGEMAKER UTILITY POUCH which consists of 1natural jute and cotton jute utility pouch with elastic at back to place on any diary and a small pouch inside with high quality antique zipper. Be the changemaker and inspire others for the same.


  • Craft Diary Set of 3 Design


    Consist of 1 Jute pouch + 1A5 thick craft diary + 1A5 thin diary + 1A6 thick diary, all with printed dots to show your creativity on cover pages.

  • Sharing Sustainable Happiness Kit (Pack of 3 Notepads)


    Sharing multiplies our happiness, so does for the planet. A perfect sustainable gifting option to build well your relations with loved ones as well the planet. This happiness filled kit contains a 60 pages climate positive PLANTABLE NOTEPAD made of recycled paper, contained in a cotton jute pouch with drawstrings.

  • Plantable Pen (Pack of 10)


    Let’s write a sustainable and safe future of our planet with this set of 10mightier  plantable pens. Made with 100 % recycled paper, its eco-friendly design combines high performance with low (75% lesser) plastic! Every pen contains seed of change, allowing you to take up the noble act of growing and caring of a plant. Also every pen has a fine tip assuring your elegant writing.

  • Hello Idea Sticky Note


    Planning and organizing can now be even more fun with this fun and colourful Hello Idea Sticky Note. Handy to pour out all your superfluous ideas and  convenient to carry , this notebook comes along with the best regular sticky note strips and sheets.


  • Plantable Pencils (Pack of 10)


    This set of 10 lovely colourful pencils is the ultimate option for pouring out your love for creativity as well as nature. Made with 100% recycled paper, every pencil carries seeds of change with it. Supports fine elegant writing and easy to sharpen with a regular sharpener, these pencils are ideal both for your office utility as well as your little ones, being dyed with natural edible colours.