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  • Bhoosa Sheet Bundle (100sheet)


    This consists of 100 printable sheets. Handmade from ricehusk and straw(Bhoosa).

  • Clear File Folder Brown (pack of 3)


    “I am not a Clear Bag but my intentions are very clear”. Now it’s your turn to be clear about your goal of  sustainability and make the wise choice. This intricately designed file folder with Tich Button and visiting card slot can be the perfect alternative to replace the plastic file folders.

  • Plantable Pen (Pack of 10)


    Let’s write a sustainable and safe future of our planet with this set of 10mightier  plantable pens. Made with 100 % recycled paper, its eco-friendly design combines high performance with low (75% lesser) plastic! Every pen contains seed of change, allowing you to take up the noble act of growing and caring of a plant. Also every pen has a fine tip assuring your elegant writing.

  • Spline File Folder Brown (pack of 3)


    An ideal climate positive alternative for the plastic file folders, taking care of the sustainable office utility  goal of your brand. This file folder of 30*22 cm dimensions comes with a unique impacting message and also has a spline to hold a good number of pages.

  • Ek Jute Handbag


    Adorn your regular lifestyle with an impressive sustainable statement with this high quality premium hand bag made of natural jute, which is free of any plastic and lamination There is  attached black thick round and soft handles, perfect bag to put your brand kit inside.

  • Plantable Pencils (Pack of 10)


    This set of 10 lovely colourful pencils is the ultimate option for pouring out your love for creativity as well as nature. Made with 100% recycled paper, every pencil carries seeds of change with it. Supports fine elegant writing and easy to sharpen with a regular sharpener, these pencils are ideal both for your office utility as well as your little ones, being dyed with natural edible colours.

  • Sharing Sustainable Happiness Kit (Pack of 3 Notepads)


    Sharing multiplies our happiness, so does for the planet. A perfect sustainable gifting option to build well your relations with loved ones as well the planet. This happiness filled kit contains a 60 pages climate positive PLANTABLE NOTEPAD made of recycled paper, contained in a cotton jute pouch with drawstrings.

  • Eco Lingo Cork Coster


    The plastic coasters have become too mainstream. Why not opt for something out of the box? Well we will take care of that. These intricately designed Eco lingo cork coasters set , made from rubberized cork can be the perfect blend of utility with sustainability in your regular life. To complete, the coasters come in natural cotton jute pouch packaging with coconut button.

  • Cair Airpurifier Box


    Sustainability is our priority, so is your health. This innovative CAIR AIR PURIFIER BOX is capable of taking perfect care of the air you breathe. Made with activated charcoal of bamboo and imbibed with natural fragrance, it also serves the utility of a natural fragrance.

  • Eco Lingo Jute Coaster


    This remarkable set of ECO LINGO JUTE COASTERS are perfect to add a sustainable statement to your coffee table conversations. This set of 6 jute and cotton coasters are washable, waterproof and comes in natural cotton jute pouch packaging with coconut button.