Planet Changemakers

Our community invites all the change makers of the planet, that are contributing their bits to make it a better place by spreading sustainable happiness. With our wide open arms, if you are truly a change maker then we invite you to join us and we praise you with all our heart.

Talks For Planet

For everyone across the globe who has contributed in making planet a better place. It is a global talk initiative for the planet where we invite speakers who have taken initiatives that stand as the need of the hour. Beginning with a brief introduction of the problems and alternatives, followed by the solution that they have been working on. With Talks for Planet, Uneako aims at creating awareness and encouragement among the masses.


Kick the plastic

Come, be a part of our vision. Make a video kicking and getting rid of single use plastic from your daily lives and share them with us. Uneako just not encourages you to take this pledge only but also offers you sustainable alternatives for the same.

I bring change

In today’s era when we are living a plastic life because of choosing all plastic materials. By using plastic materials we are accepting a challenge to put ourselves and our planet in danger. Now as we are standing at a stage of life where if we will not stop using plastic we will be welcoming our deaths because nature cannot afford anymore hazards. So, this is a do or die situation for us. That’s our choice what we choose ‘I bring change’ challenge or challenge of nature to our lives.

Track your Trash

We, the believers of sharing sustainable happiness challenge you all to plant a sapling in the same bottles, you consider as waste and end up dumping in trash. Don’t forget to share your stories and experiences with Uneako.

Support Tree to Speak (STS edition 1.0)